Guangzhou, China (2014)

(Repost from the old blog, with some revisions.)

It was my first time to visit the world-renowned Canton Fair in Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China two years ago. In a thirst for inspiration and a new learning experience (and out of an itch to travel abroad), I asked a bunch of friends to come with me. 

The fair is a bi-annual event where business people from all the world flock to China’s trade capital in hopes of partnering up with suppliers and other businessmen. The event was divided into three phases, each catering to particular industries. We went to the third phase, which included Food, Office Supplies, Innovative Products, Apparel & Textile, and Fashion Accessories. 

The complex was HUGE. Ideally, one can’t finish going around it in one day, and would need at least 2-3 whole days to pass by all of the exhibits. Below are photos from 2-and-½ days. 

Registration. We were surprised that it didn’t take us long to go through the process. After submitting a few requirements, our ID’s were quickly printed out. These ID’s are valid perpetually and may be used for future Canton Fair exhibits. (I don’t know what to make out of that picture being there for the rest of my life.)

Entry. I’m incredibly grateful that the event was well-prepared for. It was very convenient for participants to move around. There were walkalators and shuttle rides, huge maps and numerous signs, information booths everywhere, comfort rooms, money-changers and fast-food areas all over the place. I can tell that the place improved a lot since the first time it took place.


Places to go in Guangzhou (apologies for the short list, I’m trying to remember as much as I can):

Hangout Spots

  • Party Pier. A place filled with lights and sounds, it was the ideal hang-out spot for those looking for a good night out. 
  • Beijing Lu. Restaurants and shops outlined. This is a place most tourists frequent.
  • China Plaza & Tianhe City Mall
  • The Wharf.** I absolutely enjoyed this place. Known mostly to the locals, the night is alive, and the scenery fantastic.


  • Lia Cafe**
  • Vietnamese Tiger Prawn**

**Trip non-negotiables



That marks my third visit to China. It’s a country one must visit (and experience) at least once in his life!

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