Taipei, Taiwan (2016)

Taipei brought about the richness of the ever-so-familiar Chinese culture. Summertime meant exposure to extreme heat, filled also with the warmth of its people.

The city was filled with sights old and new—juxtaposed ever-so-beautifully. Traditional street food (taken ever so seriously) meets modern twists and artisanal finds: street vendors gave away calling cards; a milk tea cart sold exclusive dairy from the south of Taiwan. Never have I seen a two-hundred meter queue over a side-street porkchop stand.

At the heart of its welcoming environment is the people—ever so hospitable. Perhaps the growing tourist population led them to be more service-oriented, without compromising their human resources. The expensive cab rides were testament to that. Displayed along subway corridors were all kinds of art—including children’s hand paintings and sketches—all for the creative novice to appreciate. That’s precisely why their culture is rich, because they invest in their people.

Three and a half days were not enough. Waiting for the next opportunity to fly back and experience Taiwan in a completely different way.

Places to go (I’ll try to recall the places we went to as much as possible):


  • Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan
  • Chang Kai Shek Memorial**
  • Taipei 101
  • Huangshan Creative Park.** If you’re into creatives / art, this is a great place to seek inspiration (and take outfit shots). Uniqueness is its main theme; plus there’s a surplus of coffee shops you can enjoy here, too (perfect your Instagram flatlays)!


  • Shilin Night Market.** One night isn’t enough; give yourself at least two straight visits to completely enjoy this bargain wonder.
  • Maokongshan.** Taipei’s tea capital atop a mountain. Enjoy a cable car ride up the village.
  • Ximending.** Colors, colors, colors! This is the place to shop, too!
  • Zhongshan East Road
  • Eslite Bookstore


  • Modern Toilet. This place is world-famous. Although the concept is unique, the food wasn’t to die for.
  • Momo Paradise**
  • Yongkang Street**

**Trip non-negotiables


Thank you to my very dear best friend, Amanda, for touring me around and for bearing with my company all throughout. ❤

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