San Juan, La Union (2017)

Experienced this seasoned surf-spot anew with a visit to San Gabriel Falls. I enjoyed the trek for many reasons: the change of scenery every few minutes (there were a lot of picture spots), the flora and fauna we encountered, our entertaining tour guide (this guy had his wits handy!), and the bumpy, experiential ride on the jeepney top (only in the Philippines, y’all!).

Evening was my favorite part, however. Further down the beach fronting Flotsam and Jetsam was a beautiful, unobstructed view of the full moon. Its white light shimmie-ing on the surface of the waves. Partnered by the sea breeze, the majestic horizon created some kind of a 4D painting of a perfect evening. My eyes had adjusted to the dark, then my heart transitioned into a sense of calm; nature and I were one. Had I been alone, I wouldn’t have minded spending the night on the beach laying open to nature’s forces while my thoughts converse. It was an ethereal sight I’ll never forget.

  • Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La Union**. Hikers may choose between a long (1hr++) and a short trail (15mins). I suggest taking the long route to and the shorter one back.
  • Other places part of my first LU trip post here.

**Must-visit places

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