Corregidor Island, Cavite (2017)

Our ship left the dock in Manila Bay at 7:30. The boat ride from Manila to Cavite took an hour and a half. We welcomed a sunny morning in the island and went straight to ride tram buses designed after the original ones the soldiers rode on during the war. The adventure began.

We travelled back in time to relive the tumultuous experience of our fellow countrymen in World War II. One of the most preserved war memorials in the world, Corregidor was successful in depicting the joys and strife in serving the country. The tour guide took us through a number of fortifications. Scattered around the divisions were canons and their shells pointing towards the sea as if, like during the battle, the enemies were yet on their way.

Apart from a morning of discovering artillery, places we went to were:

Pacific War Memorial
Malinta Tunnel
Japanese Garden of Peace
Corregidor lighthouse

We skipped a few stops and departed the island at 2:30 in the afternoon, allowing us to arrive in Manila at 4. Our trip was undoubtedly short, but it was an enlightening one, nevertheless.


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