Boracay, Aklan (2017)

Food poisoning got the best of me in this trip.

Below are some activities I managed to engage in despite the setback, including a stroll around the cool new hip place ‘Station X’.



We’ve been vacationing to this place for over ten years now, and seeing the horrid changes in this once pristine, virgin island depresses me. The island has lost its glow: the sand is no longer powder-white, the coast infested with moss (people couldn’t swim around in shallow waters without these slimy green things clinging to their legs), and the extreme crowdedness (try being smothered on a holiday) just isn’t worth the trouble any longer. What used to be paradise island is now weathering away; its adverse transformation irreversible.

I sincerely hope that the government takes serious action and enforce stricter regulation, and that other stakeholders take responsibility over their contribution to this damaging reality. As consumers, we must help in our own little way, too.

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