The Honorable Woman: A Heart Guide

The Honorable Woman: A Heart Guide

Photographed by Amanda Lim
Words, styling, modeling by Hannah To

She is confident that she can carry out her work with grit, and not with an excitement that wanes when faced with hardship.

She allows curiosity to take her places. She welcomes new ideas and perspectives that broaden her thinking.

She is responsible enough to own up to her choices. She accepts failure, but is not discouraged by it.

She speaks her mind, and isn’t easily silenced. She knows her worth well, and forbids anyone to dictate her value. 

She believes what she possesses inside is more important than outward adornment, by any measure. She carefully examines her heart, and keeps a good judgment of character.

She lives with purpose. Though she may not be driven by goals, her intentions are driven by love.


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