Western Canada Part 1: Whistler & Kelowna (September 2017)

Part 1 out of 6. 
Read about the rest of my Canada trip HERE

As I was planning my trip to Seattle, I realized I could take a detour to Vancouver. So I looked up possible activities and stumbled upon Moose Travel Network.

This is not a paid advertisement, I’m just extremely happy that Moose and its partner hostels are passionate about bridging solo travelers and creating a community of adventurous spirits. The experiences I’ve had with them are priceless (plenty of ‘firsts’ in this tour!) and certainly a bar higher than regular sightseeing trips, which makes it worth the premium.

This is the first leg (2 days) of my 7-day tour package.


Shannon Falls, Sea to Sky Highway, and more.



Awed over the grand vista of the humble Squamish Valley and the surrounding mountains aboard a Cessna 172. Mid-flight, our pilot fancied to turn off the engine for 2 seconds without warning. That was NOT funny.


Behind HI Whistler

The pop of color from the graffiti is an interesting element to enjoying this unintended exhibition in the middle of a forest.


Atop this mountain town lies adventure and adrenaline. Known to the world as a home to outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers (Winter Olympics was held here). Most locals started out as tourists, fell in love with the place, dropped everything and settled here. Hop on a local bus and you’ll find a vibrant crowd of mostly-below-40s carrying at least one article of sport gear: a skateboard, an outdoor pack, a harness, etc. Here, the mountain requires you to participate, so there is no excuse to stay at home.


Given my fear of heights I do not understand why I signed up to do five mountain ziplines. Interestingly, the most terrifying was only the first, and towards the end I found myself enjoying slightly more than trembling. I might need to do a few more to have the courage enough to go upside-down, though.

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