Western Canada 5: Banff (September 2017)

Part 5 out of 6. 
Read about the rest of my Canada trip HERE


It was a great start to the day. The sun was making its way up while we trailed through the forest to arrive at another one of British Columbia’s blissful streams.

After our short walk, we came back with the sun up and ready to lend its natural light for more pictures. We took our sweet time, quickly snapping away before the next vehicle sped through the highway.



Stopped by for a quick photo-op. I love how our guide encouraged us to walk past the railing to take better pictures. Teehee.



By this time, we’ve already mastered the art of budget grocery shopping. As a reward, we enjoyed the pleasant weather and a picnic with this view. I can’t recount the many times we exclaimed throughout the trip, ‘Good God!’



The only time I ever got goosebumps was when we were up on the mountain to enjoy the surreal sight of Lake Peyto for I’ve never seen countless shades and shapes of green and blue go so well together. We could not believe our eyes at the indescribable vignette of the alps–our only instinct to bring out our phone cameras and snap away, leaving with possibly too many photographs so as to remember this fine moment in our lives. It was such a fine day to go see; truly God was generous to us.

At the viewpoint, we were warmly greeted by one Olaf, too.



The sight of Lake Moraine was particularly special to me, because I’ve had a photo of it as a wallpaper for months until we arrived. That day, I looked for the spot from which the photographer might have taken it, and alas, I succeeded. I then attempted to replicate the picture, and although I wasn’t able capture all the details due to my camera’s limitations, I thought it was still a decent representation of what we encountered that afternoon.

As if our trip wasn’t long enough, there was still more of Banff to see. In my next and last post, I’ll show you how my last day in Western Canada transpired.

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