Western Canada Pt. 3: Banff (September 2017)

Part 3 out of 6. 
Read about the rest of my Canada trip HERE



At 302 meters from the base, this figure of beauty is one of the tallest waterfalls in Canada. I’m glad we were still able to visit the site given its seasonal visibility.

As I jumped down the bus, I immediately awed over the chunks of white on the ground, the rocks, and the trees. It was a simple joy to experience drizzling snow for the first time, hence my expressions of delight in the photographs below.



This was the first of the many lakes we visited. We were simply awestruck by the vibrant blue and peaceful countenance of the bodies of water as they made postcard-worthy sights from every angle.





In one of Banff’s many hamlets, our hostel is surrounded well by stunning works of nature: a forest of tall, majestic trees, a lively, clear stream, and velvety, fresh, alpine grass.

As we waited for our laundry, my companions and I took a walk around the surrounding areas, on which I asked them to be my subjects that afternoon.

After we went back to transfer our clothes to the dryer, I snuck out again out of an intense urge to lie on the irresistibly soft, dewy grass. I’m glad I donned my plump duck down jacket as it added a layer of soft cushion between my flesh and the green floor, serving as an addend to that afternoon’s equation of bliss.




At 7AM, our group solely witnessed the ethereal splendor of this grand body of water. We were glad to have arrived before crowds started pouring over on one of the most frequented attractions in BC. I find it quite overrated, though, as there were plenty more sights of which Lake Louise wasn’t a worthy comparison.



After we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the famed Lake Louise, we jumped off on a hike to our awaited breakfast spot: the teahouse at the summit, beside Lake Agnes. It took us about an hour and a half uphill, including stopovers for pictures.

On our way up, we saw Lake Louise from a different vantage point, and another lake on the mountain I don’t remember. The trail was so incredibly picturesque, and after seeing several chunks and mounds of animal dung, we were in hopes of encountering a brown bear at the very least, to which we were disappointed.

After our forced morning exercise, we were rewarded by the picturesque backdrop of Lake Agnes. I’m not kidding when I say it was as if God orchestrated a glimpse into His Heaven. Even a point and shoot camera can easily capture the powerful mystical mood of the setting. Let my GoPro attempt to show you what it was like.

I would have wanted to stay longer if it weren’t for the cold.

I didn’t get to take pictures of the teahouse, unfortunately, as I was too agitated to get and finish my order. Although I didn’t enjoy myself because of the rush, I still think the items were exquisite and certainly worth the extra dollars charged.

I was also surprised to find out that the crew live where they work. In order to stock up, they carry at least 30kg of supplies one way up every few weeks. A chopper also drops off supplies to the summit twice each year.


The rest of the day was spent in Jasper. Allow me to tell you about that part of the trip on another post!

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