Western Canada Pt. 4: Jasper (September 2017)

Part 4 out of 6. 
Read about the rest of my Canada trip HERE





I’m glad we decided to skip the super-touristy Glacier Walk as strolling along the icefields was much more of an experience. It was like walking in a painting, an aesthetic delight from every angle, where people appeared in tiny colored blots against gigantic strokes of grey and white.

I couldn’t show you enough (despite the many photographs I’m posting here) how wonderful this place was. Attempt to see for yourself and imagine how existentially pleasing it was to have been here.

I watched as my fellow Moosies got playful (actually, they’ve been throwing snowballs all throughout the trip), and tried my hand at tossing a few chunks myself.





There wasn’t a waterfall throughout the trip as powerful and full of energy as Athabasca. I couldn’t help but feel alive as well!

The large, sharp rocks were equally ferocious, as there were a reported number of deaths after attempting perhaps to climb on them.



On our way to the town for dinner, a creature finally appeared in front of us. We quickly stopped to say hi to this little elk (from the window).


As we walked to Jasper’s famous pizza place, we couldn’t help but stare at the scene that beheld us: as the sun set, its light colored the top half of the mountain, their combined forces leaving us unworthy creatures speechless once again.


After pizza, we went to HI Athabasca for a camper experience: 16 sweaty people in a lodge without access to a shower and hot water and in which one has to hold one’s pee for the shared restroom comes at a cost–exposing oneself to the below-zero cold. One of a kind.


Stay tuned for more of Canada on my next posts!

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