It has been a year of discovery. It has been a year of building relationships. It has been a year of humble progress, quiet restoration, and most of all, clarity and understanding. Clarity and understanding of the self: its limitations, its mysteries, its inclinations. A reorientation, as well, toward the True North. The certainty of being in tune with myself, of being consistent in mind and soul, has been so valuable a leap.

I’ve learned to suspend people’s judgment and believe in my ability enough to carry out, but leave room for God to work His magic.

I’ve learned to disagree, politely.

I’ve learned not to look for validation from the wrong things, all the way to the seemingly right things, that aren’t the Best thing.

I’ve learned to take on curiosity like a child, to listen to my heart when it tugs at me to explore, to be that wide-eyed kid in front of the candy store.

I’ve learned to choose friends, I’ve learned to be one.

I’ve learned to cut down, to simplify, to not overcrowd my mind with too much information and my heart with too much emotion, to stop and contemplate in peace, to reason with myself through prayer.

I’ve learned to just be, to play up my strengths, to understand myself enough to make room to understand others.

I’ve learned to (most of the time) just. let. go. of the need for attention, to cease trying to magnify what is so superficial and temporary. He sees my heart, and that is all that matters.

I’ve learned to acknowledge truth, I’ve learned to drown out noise.

I’ve learned to appreciate more of the world, to understand the context from which cultures form convictions, to approach with empathic curiosity, to know that everyone has a story to tell, to listen to those stories.

I’ve learned to dance to the rhythm, to take things as they are, to suspend judgment & expectation, to stand with open arms to life’s splendor in the most unlikely things. (Over the mundane I intrigue myself, in the greys I see color, on the clefts I plant flowers. Life is most beautiful when I simply Be.)

I’ve learned to know myself through God’s eyes as He prompts, rebukes, and silences; humbled to see my humanness so small before Him.

It is in the quiet, unassuming moments of pristine revelation by the Holy Spirit that the heart is called to attention: the world may be in a whirl but my gaze is fully fixed on Him as He calls out to me, “Re-cast your vision and pursue Me alone. After which, all shall follow suit.”

With profound clarity I approach another year full of hope and love, as my Source of life is never scarce, rather is abundant and overflows.

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