Treasure Island, Angel Island, Sausalito & Food, California (August 2017)

Treasure Island

A surprise add-on to our evening tour! Across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was Treasure Island, a man-made piece of land that served as a naval base back in the day.



A solitary Sunday afternoon was spent strolling along the shores of the dreamtown that is Sausalito, a retirement haven of some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. The neighborhood stood quaint, peaceful, and warm, making it my favorite spot in San Francisco.

Angel Island

My energy went down that afternoon, which significantly decreased my enjoyment of our time in Angel Island. For about an hour, we toured around on a trolley, and after lay under the shade for a good thirty minutes.

California Academy of Sciences

Food Places in SF

Just some of the highlights. Not all in the list below were pictured.

  • Perbacco. Italian fine-dining.
  • Neighborhood Chinese Teahouse
  • Hotpot in Taraval Street, where there exists a thriving Chinese community.
  • Vask. Fine tapas bar.
  • Tony’s Pizzeria. Famous margherita slices in North Beach.
  • Kai Shin Bo.¬†Japanese casual dining. Bang-for-your-buck lunch meals.
  • B. Patisserie
    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. Best enjoyed after heating, paired with warm milk. The flat texture allows the rich chocolate fudge to spread evenly, softly melting in one’s mouth. One must close his eyes to savor the few seconds of sweet decadence.
  • R&G Lounge
  • Tad’s Steakhouse. $19 rib-eye in Union Square. Very inexpensive for the quality. Good stuff!
  • In & Out Burger. EXTREMELY OVERRATED. One shouldn’t expect much from a fast-food joint, anyway.

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