Munching in Singapore (November 2017)

In four days we never had a bad meal, and by bad I meant ham-ham (pweds na). A few noteworthy things (by the way all this stuff within budget!!):

  • the secret to michelin-starred Hawker Chan HK’s soya chicken success is the SAUCE, oh the indelible sauce I came back for
  • singapore satay with the sweet & spicy dip and the bitter rice cake are a match made in heaven
  • I HAVE MADE THE SWITCH to thai milk tea. Loves, Taiwan may have done it but Thai-won my heart!!
  • WOK HEY SO GOOD, LAH!! Stir-fry rice art at its finest. Summer Palace levels
  • PARIS BAGUETTE at the arrival hall after a red-eye flight, their choco twister still as good. It all began in California
  • FISH & CHIPS at par with one I had in Sydney. DO U KNOW HOW MUCH I MISSED THIS?
  • And FRIENDS, I have discovered THE BEST BAKKWA in the world, WAAAY off par with the chained Bee Cheng (umuwi ka na dahil ito talagang masarap!!!). Lim Chee Guan, a heritage product of Singapore!!
  • Chili crab was the SEASON FINALE, the true babe, THE REAL MVP
    Stuff I loved but missed: BBQ stingray, and Ah Chew Desserts! 😩

That’s Singapore. The food of the world in one country.

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