Baguio City (January 2018)

It’s been years since I’ve last been to the mountain city, but I recalled a few fond memories: walking down Session Road and seeing the swan boats in Burnham Park once again, and paired them with treasured new ones such as the fascination in shopping at the public market, happy coffee-shop hopping, and discovery of Filipino literature at Mt. Cloud bookshop.

Baguio Public Market

Patch Cafe & Gossip Cafe


Strawberry-picking in Benguet


Camp John Hay


Mt. Cloud Bookshop

Books and chilly weather go together. Enjoyed our late afternoon at a specialty bookshop in Baguio City, in which 80% (it seems) of the titles are by local authors. There is great Filipino talent in creative writing. Motion to open up more of the like!


BenCab Museum


Baguio Botanical Garden


Burnham Park


Canto Restaurant


Session Road


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