Vienna, Austria (May 2018)

“When will you realize: Vienna waits for you?”

Having listened to this song a couple of months back, I was excited to realize this romanticized notion of escape from reality. I finally did, and I realized that to romanticize this city was simply to regard it for what it is. Vienna was as pompous and elegant as I thought it to be, rightfully revered by tourists and locals. It was a home for great artists and musicians, and it was a starting place for anyone who seeks to have a fundamental appreciation for art in all its forms.

  • Schonbrunn Palace
  • The Belvedere. Where I went on a summary walking tour through European art history and marveled at the artistic genius of national pride Gustav Klimt.
  • Hofburg Palace
  • Old Town Square
  • The Rathaus. No other building gave me the goosebumps as much as The Rathaus did.
  • Hotel Sacher. I tried the famous original Sacher Torte, which I found ridiculously sweet.
  • Vienna Opera House. Drawing from my glamorized notions of Europe, I made it a point to watch Samson et Dalila from the standing room (my water bottle cost me even more!) with the promise that I shall not compromise next time I go back.
  • Kohlmarkt. The luxury shopping street. 
  • Other structures along the Ringstrasse.

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