11 Ways to Travel with Purpose

If you wish to travel for inspiration and growth, to get a heart fix, to explore not only physically but culturally and socially, you landed on the right blog entry. 2017 became my year of venturing into the unknown by myself, so I made this short list of guiding principles, based entirely on my limited experience, for a proper soulful immersion of every destination. 1. … Continue reading 11 Ways to Travel with Purpose

Watch List: Top 10 Movies and Actors I Adore

Over two years since I took an interest in high-brow motion pictures, I am now sharing with you my list of the greatest actors of all time and in my opinion, their best characters, out of the limited amount of classic films I’ve binge-watched within my finite knowledge of acting and film-making. My Top 10, in no particular order: 1. Marlon Brando, The Godfather. Need I … Continue reading Watch List: Top 10 Movies and Actors I Adore

My Seven Habits of Fitness

Two years out of university and into the work-life normalcy, I commonly hear peers voicing out their frustration over their weight, particularly because they’ve packed in some pounds shortly after stepping into the real world. For the benefit of those who might be experiencing the same (including me, who’s been almost sugar-dependent lately), let me share with you a blog post I wrote almost three … Continue reading My Seven Habits of Fitness

A Head Full of Dreams (April 2017)

My youthful soul was in every bit giddy after learning about my favorite band’s intended visit to the Philippines. After almost a decade of longing (and voicing out that almost painful desire on Twitter), they finally decided to put an end to the shrugging and made Manila one of their stops in their AHFOD tour. I didn’t think twice about picking the closest area to … Continue reading A Head Full of Dreams (April 2017)