Western Canada Pt. 2: Kelowna & Revelstoke (September 2017)

Part 2 out of 6.  Read about the rest of my Canada trip HERE.  ON THE ROAD & KELOWNA BRIDAL VEIL FALLS SOME CREEK / PARK (I forgot what it’s called) LAKE KALAMALKA ON THE ROAD… SOME LAKE (I forgot what it’s called) REVELSTOKE & ON THE ROAD TO BANFF PICNIC AND COFFEE AT REVELSTOKE As the others went kayaking, we enjoyed a quick picnic in … Continue reading Western Canada Pt. 2: Kelowna & Revelstoke (September 2017)

Hulugan, Talay, Hidden Falls, Laguna (2017)

Holidays are most enjoyed in the Philippines. Nature reserves are only a few hours away, serving as quick refreshers from a busy workweek. This lifetime wouldn’t be enough for me to cross off all the country’s pockets of beauty, but I’m counting slowly, one long-weekend at a time. Upon finding out about the long weekend that Thursday, I quickly contacted my friends to see who … Continue reading Hulugan, Talay, Hidden Falls, Laguna (2017)

Boracay, Aklan (2017)

Food poisoning got the best of me in this trip. Below are some activities I managed to engage in despite the setback, including a stroll around the cool new hip place ‘Station X’. —– MY TWO CENTS We’ve been vacationing to this place for over ten years now, and seeing the horrid changes in this once pristine, virgin island depresses me. The island has lost … Continue reading Boracay, Aklan (2017)