A Renaissance in Europe

Last month, I went on a four-week trip to Eastern Europe, with Kraków, Poland as a base, and explored nearby countries during weekends. I was alone half the time, with the remaining half spent with either the primary school students I was assigned to teach (as volunteer of a project), or my dearest roommates (who are volunteers, as well). One of the lines of literature … Continue reading A Renaissance in Europe

Seattle, Washington Pt. 2, Company Visits (September 2017)

If you’re an entrepreneur, in practice or at heart, I implore you to set apart time for company visits when traveling. Stretch your mind to a completely new dimension of doing business and discover opportunities to tweak yours for the better. The least that can happen is that you bring along a bright picture of the future to draw inspiration from. GATES FOUNDATION Bill and … Continue reading Seattle, Washington Pt. 2, Company Visits (September 2017)

2017 in Good Books

It has been a year of enlightenment. I have ventured near and far, within and outside my mind, on paper and in person, knowledge of all kinds, which have chiseled my mind into better shape. It is now prepared to tread on rougher paths and to make decisions responsibly, more aware of what it is capable and incapable of. I owe gratitude to my invisible … Continue reading 2017 in Good Books

Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour, California (August 2017)

A week was spent on an exclusive tour to visit start-up founders, community developers, pioneers, thought leaders, and the spaces, ideas, and actions that shape the culture of Silicon Valley. The exposure was mind-opening to say the least; allow my pictures and stories to show you why. (Some photos taken by Mario Herger) DAY 1 INTELYGENZ, INC. After brunch at Cafe de la Presse, we … Continue reading Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour, California (August 2017)

‘Big Magic’, As Told by Me

Attending a conservative high school that didn’t put enough value on literature and the arts to spark interest from its students, I was unable to discover and grow what would become my love for words. University was a complete turnaround, as I studied in an institution that greatly treasured the humanities. Those four years were my period of renaissance, as I enjoyed my literature and … Continue reading ‘Big Magic’, As Told by Me