11 Ways to Travel with Purpose

If you wish to travel for inspiration and growth, to get a heart fix, to explore not only physically but culturally and socially, you landed on the right blog entry. 2017 became my year of venturing into the unknown by myself, so I made this short list of guiding principles, based entirely on my limited experience, for a proper soulful immersion of every destination. 1. … Continue reading 11 Ways to Travel with Purpose

Western Canada Pt. 4: Jasper (September 2017)

Part 4 out of 6.  Read about the rest of my Canada trip HERE.  WINTER VILLAGE     COLUMBIA ICEFIELDS I’m glad we decided to skip the super-touristy Glacier Walk as strolling along the icefields was much more of an experience. It was like walking in a painting, an aesthetic delight from every angle, where people appeared in tiny colored blots against gigantic strokes of grey and … Continue reading Western Canada Pt. 4: Jasper (September 2017)

Villa Escudero, Quezon (April 2017)

Matt and I celebrated our two-year anniversary by taking a quick day-trip to a well-known tourist destination in Quezon, Villa Escudero. What was once a private estate of the Spanish clan, they opened their doors to the public in the 1980’s, allowing all to see their grand hacienda, fine display of collectibles, and rich coconut plantation. Experiences peculiar to the site were: Lunch by the … Continue reading Villa Escudero, Quezon (April 2017)

Angels On Earth: My Brothers with Autism

I couldn’t recall the many times we’ve been furiously eyed and scoffed at, even scolded for not ‘keeping them at bay’. At the end of the day, I shake my head in disappointment of the (general) (Philippine) society’s response to spectrum children. Cases like my brothers’ are still not widely valued in certain societies–particularly ours–and there’s no question why. We mourn because special children don’t turn … Continue reading Angels On Earth: My Brothers with Autism