Why busy is the new stupid, and what we can do about it

“I buy anything I want, basically, but I can’t buy time.” Warren Buffett has practically nothing on his calendar. He gets eight hours of sleep each night, spends 80% of his day reading, and plays bridge after work to unwind. As someone who understands intrinsic values, he sure understands the value of time. Technological advancements have enabled the possibility of doing more things in a … Continue reading Why busy is the new stupid, and what we can do about it

2017 in Good Books

It has been a year of enlightenment. I have ventured near and far, within and outside my mind, on paper and in person, knowledge of all kinds, which have chiseled my mind into better shape. It is now prepared to tread on rougher paths and to make decisions responsibly, more aware of what it is capable and incapable of. I owe gratitude to my invisible … Continue reading 2017 in Good Books

Western Canada Pt. 4: Jasper (September 2017)

Part 4 out of 6.  Read about the rest of my Canada trip HERE.  WINTER VILLAGE     COLUMBIA ICEFIELDS I’m glad we decided to skip the super-touristy Glacier Walk as strolling along the icefields was much more of an experience. It was like walking in a painting, an aesthetic delight from every angle, where people appeared in tiny colored blots against gigantic strokes of grey and … Continue reading Western Canada Pt. 4: Jasper (September 2017)