Treasure Island, Angel Island, Sausalito & Food, California (August 2017)

Treasure Island A surprise add-on to our evening tour! Across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was Treasure Island, a man-made piece of land that served as a naval base back in the day.   Sausalito A solitary Sunday afternoon was spent strolling along the shores of the dreamtown that is Sausalito, a retirement haven of some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. The neighborhood stood quaint, … Continue reading Treasure Island, Angel Island, Sausalito & Food, California (August 2017)

San Francisco, California Pt. 1 (August 2017)

In this post, I compile a few of the noteworthy places I visited during my two-week stay in the bay area, particularly within the city. City Tours Some of the pictures in this post were taken during the Hop On, Hop Off tour I took. A few of the ones directly below are of: The Hilton Hotel (setting of Dirty Harry), The Golden Gate Bridge, … Continue reading San Francisco, California Pt. 1 (August 2017)

Napa Valley, California (August 2017)

Two days after my arrival at San Francisco, my aunt and I drove to Napa Valley to sample the region’s finest wine (well, supposedly). The weather was encouraging of the short excursion, so we enjoyed the morning exploring the most extravagantly-structured wineries, modeled after the lavish lifestyle of different parts of the world. Darioush Winery, Egyptian V’Sattui, Italian The most family-friendly winery of all, V’Sattui … Continue reading Napa Valley, California (August 2017)

Alcatraz Island, California (August 2017)

Okay, it’s time to cough out the movie buff in me again. This was one of the coolest parts of my visit to San Francisco, satisfying my intrigue for mobsters like Al Capone, ingenious escapes defying US maximum security, and settings of Clint Eastwood’s defiant stoicism. It’s a rare occasion to relive a classic film like this, thus I embrace it with modern sentimentality: by … Continue reading Alcatraz Island, California (August 2017)

Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour, California (August 2017)

A week was spent on an exclusive tour to visit start-up founders, community developers, pioneers, thought leaders, and the spaces, ideas, and actions that shape the culture of Silicon Valley. The exposure was mind-opening to say the least; allow my pictures and stories to show you why. (Some photos taken by Mario Herger) DAY 1 INTELYGENZ, INC. After brunch at Cafe de la Presse, we … Continue reading Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour, California (August 2017)