Seattle, Washington Pt. 1 (September 2017)

Another state has been crossed off the list! The beautiful Emerald City of Washington had been warm and pleasant. Contrary to the norm, it didn’t rain that much when I was there. One can live a little wider (literally) than San Francisco or New York, but that will soon change as Amazon’s new territory makes real estate prices skyrocket. UNDERGROUND TOUR   Seattle used to … Continue reading Seattle, Washington Pt. 1 (September 2017)

11 Ways to Travel with Purpose

If you wish to travel for inspiration and growth, to get a heart fix, to explore not only physically but culturally and socially, you landed on the right blog entry. 2017 became my year of venturing into the unknown by myself, so I made this short list of guiding principles, based entirely on my limited experience, for a proper soulful immersion of every destination. 1. … Continue reading 11 Ways to Travel with Purpose

Western Canada Pt. 3: Banff (September 2017)

Part 3 out of 6.  Read about the rest of my Canada trip HERE.  DAY 1 TAKKAKAW FALLS At 302 meters from the base, this figure of beauty is one of the tallest waterfalls in Canada. I’m glad we were still able to visit the site given its seasonal visibility. As I jumped down the bus, I immediately awed over the chunks of white on the … Continue reading Western Canada Pt. 3: Banff (September 2017)